Friday, 27 March 2015

Blender 3D Paint Tutorial part 4

Following on from Part 3 Craig Jones now goes on to explain about using brush stencil and mask, and then duplicating layers for effect.

Blender 3D Paint Tutorial part 3

In the third part of his Blender Paint tutorials Craig Jones covers Custom brush creation, brush control, selection masking as well as paint in 2D and 3D view.

Second Life Building with the Grid - Overview Part 1

A three video series on how to use the grid effectively in Second Life. If you've struggled with alignment, this video series makes it easy to understand and explains why most people have problems with the grid when learning to build.

How To Improve Your Appearance in Second Life

This video in the "How To Have A Second Life" series presented by Purdie Silkamour, looks at the basics of improving your avatar's appearance.

How To Use Second Life - A Quick Guide To Getting Around

If you are new to Second Life then this kind of tutorial is indispensable as it will teach you all the basics. This video by Rocoza Designs is informative and entertaining.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Planar Texture Mapping

This is a short but handy tutorial by Torley Linden that explains the benefits of planar texture mapping. A must watch for all new to building in Second Life.

LSL Tutorial Part 11

Fred Gandt carries on from the previous tutorial and begins to explain what a scope is within Second Life's scripting language, and what its purpose is.

LSL Tutorial Part 10

In the 10th part of his series of tutorials on scripting for Second Life, Fred Gandt explains a little about the Listen function and strings.

Blender 3d Paint Tutorial Part2

In the second tutorial in his series Blender 3D Paint Craig Jones covers texture layers, stencils, GLSL in Viewport and finishes with saving images.

Blender 3D Paint Tutorial Part1

This is a series of tutorials on Blender Paint by Craig Jones. In this first video Craig covers UV mapping and baking.

Stick A Photo To Your Mesh Model Using Gimp And Blender

In this tutorial Som C explains clearly how to use Blender's projection painting feature. Gimp is also used, but if you have Photoshop that will work just as well.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Making Transparent Textures

This is quite an old tutorial from Torley Linden, but is as useful as ever. here Torley shows how to create a transparent background to an image using Photoshop.

Firestorm Tutorial - Settings Backup & Restore

This tutorial for the Firestorm viewer explains how to backup and restore your settings, which can be very useful after doing a clean install, or if you've somehow messed up your settings.

LSL Tutorial Part 9

Part nine of Fred Gandt's series of tutorials on Second Life scripting explains more about events and functions from the previous video.

LSL Tutorial Part 8

In part eight of Fred Gandt's series of tutorials on scripting in Second Life, he moves on to introduce events and functions, essential parts of the LSL.

Friday, 20 March 2015

How to Use Oculus Rift with Second Life

This short tutorial will explain to Oculus Rift owners how to use the headset with Second Life. An exciting development for fans of 3D worlds.

Shared Media - Showing content at the right aspect ratio

This tutorial from Torley Linden is a few years old but still very useful. Torley explains how to adjust media on a prim and to get the correct aspect ratio.

An Introduction to Audacity

This is a tutorial aimed at DJs in Second Life who may need to edit audio files, or want to create mashups. Audacity is free software that will enable you to do these tasks.

Making clothes in Blender Part 4

This is the last in Aaack's series of tutorials on making clothes n Blender. This video focuses on refining the rig to improve its movement, making the texture and adjusting the T-shirt for another avatar.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Making clothes in Blender Part 3

In part three of his series of tutorials on creating clothes in Blender, Aaack describes how to create realistic wrinkles as well as a shadow map. He also begins to rig the mesh model.